Sustainable by Design: Mango Wood Furniture


In celebration of Earth Day, we want to share a closer look at our design process and how we literally build sustainability into the furniture we create. We focus on having a gentle environmental impact and incorporate sustainable and rapidly renewing materials because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between your values and your style. 

One of our favorite (and frequently used) sustainable materials is mango wood . You know it for the fruit, but we use responsibly sourced mango wood for its durability and versatile beauty.

The mango tree is a rapidly renewing source of durable hard wood. Because mango wood typically takes only 15 years to mature and is a by-product, harvested after the tree has finished fruiting, it is a very eco-friendly timber option.  

On the Surface: As hard woods go, mango wood is relatively easy to carve, making it a unique canvas for intricate decorative patterns and textures.


Discover the incredible variety of looks and finishes in our new mango wood designs.


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we take a thoughtful approach


We understand how important your home is, and want to create furniture that brings beauty, balance and function to your space. 


We work hard to keep our furniture affordable with a commitment to quality, because you shouldn’t have to choose. 


We prioritize working with artisan partners who share environmentally conscious beliefs. As part of our company culture, we regularly give back to our local communities.