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Create Your Own Coastal Oasis

Bring the Coast Home with These Easy Tips

Bring in the colors of the coast! Incorporate color palettes that mirror the sea, sky, and sand to bring that beachy feeling to life. Consider white, blues, beiges, natural tones, and greens, but in general color palettes for these spaces tend to lean neutral.

Incorporate elements of nature. Natural elements can really help solidify this design style. Think glass, shells, rocks, wood, rattan, teak, and other materials and accents that bring the outdoors in.

Create an airy, relaxed, casual feel. Coastal design is all about vacation vibes that never end, so create that mood in your space by incorporating lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen, cozy furniture, and rich textures like rope, jute, driftwood, and rattan elements. 

Celebrate natural light. Large windows are a coastal interior’s best friend, and letting the sun stream in helps sell that feeling of being on the coast. Sheer cotton window treatments or painted shutters to soften any glare work well in these spaces. 

Create contrast. An eclectic collection of both found and raw materials and small pops of color in the form of art, accents, and other decor can help provide a much-needed contrast to the crisp white or neutral walls and furniture.

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