April Accent Tables

April Accent Tables

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Discover Your Sunroom Style

Coastal Sunroom.

Regardless of where you live, you can create a little beachside flair in your sunroom by incorporating elements that mimic endless sand and sky. Think whitewashed and sunbleached tones, nautical flourishes, and natural textures. 

For a coastal style sunroom, consider a large upholstered sectional and rattan occasional chairs with a few plush throw pillows  to provide ample seating for friends and family, and a coffee table for easy entertaining. Incorporate greenery and raw materials like coconut shell, glass, and woven textures reminiscent of seagrass blowing in a salty breeze.

East at Main pieces that work well in a coastal style space include the Belle Mahogany Mirror in its wide, sunburst shape with whitewashed wood, the woven Zinnia Storage Bench and rattan stools with rope accents, and the simple yet chic Florence Smoke Glass Votives.

Farmhouse Sunroom.

Since Farmhouse style embraces simplicity, practicality, and a rustic flair, you can easily create a cozy and stylish sunroom that keeps these attributes front and center. Color palettes for this style tend to lean neutral, but you can certainly incorporate pops of color with sparsely-placed accents and flourishes. 

For a farmhouse style sunroom, consider larger scale furniture that emphasizes comfort and function with natural finishes and a well-loved, weathered aesthetic. You can also incorporate natural materials and textures, warm neutrals, cozy elements, and vintage accessories into the space for an eclectic feel.

East at Main pieces that work well in a Farmhouse style setting include the Sumba End Table with its whitewashed rattan construction,  the comfortable, handwoven Naomi Bench with cotton-blend cushion, and the texture-rich Sali Teak Mirror made from recycled teak wood.

Glam Sunroom.

Glam is all about making a statement, and there are plenty of ways to bring this design style to life in your unique sunroom. Start with a statement piece, then build out the rest of the space around it. Try incorporating bold light fixtures, gold accents, and furniture with posh detailing. Think sculptural lines, upholstery, and metal accents, and work in high-pile fabrics, geometric patterns, and luxurious details wherever possible. 

East at Main pieces that work well in a Glam style space include the Bayur wood Ford Side Table with gold accents, the statement-making Juliana Beaded Chandelier, and the Pash Glass Candle Stands for a splash of elegance.

Modern Sunroom.

Modern interior design draws on trends from the mid 20th century and is all about minimalism, clean lines, neutrals, and natural light, which there should be no shortage of in your sunroom. For a sunroom that draws from this design style, think unique furniture with mixed materials,  small-scale pieces, clean crisp color palettes, and environmentally-friendly materials. Find furniture pieces that prioritize function and storage and make the best use of the space available without being too showy or overt. Add plants where you can for an organic touch.

East at Main pieces that work well in a modern style sunroom include the mahogany and rattan Franco Arm Chair, the low-profile Gianna Accent Table fashioned from recycled teak and acrylic, and the Maraal Iron Flamingo to add understated interest to the space.

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